3417 Shoe Gear Removed for Repair

Posted on September 23rd, 2014

Tuesday 23rd September

Over the weekend a group of SETG technical staff visited Clapham Junction to carry out work on 4VEP No. 3417. During the morning the unit’s shoe gear was removed and safely stowed for refitting at a later date.

Whilst this work was carried out, the opportunity was taken to inspect the bogies for signs of damage after the unfortunate incident last year when a collector shoe was lost during a shunt move in Clapham Yard. Apart from damage to the secondman’s side shoe arm on Driving Trailer Composite No. 76263 and the associated cabling, we found no further signs of damage.

Removal of the shoe gear to allow repair of damaged components and also to facilitate ease of movement should the need arise has been a priority for some months. Our thanks go to those who kindly volunteered their time and expertise to allow the work to take place.

Whilst spares for 400-series units are becoming increasingly hard to find, thanks to the support of the Bluebell Railway and the Brighton Belle preservation group a full set of shoe gear has been made available; some of this will be used to replace the damaged parts on coach No. 76263. The rest will be stored. The replacement parts and undamaged parts will be refitted in the the next few months.
We expect to make an important announcement regarding the future of No. 3417 within the next three weeks. Those of you who have been awaiting developments are about to have your patience rewarded.